CE Series Expansion Joint Seals with METABLOCK™

CE MetaBlock-post

Balco, with life safety in mind, recently obtained UL 2079 listings for the combination of CE expansion joint seal and MetaBlock™ fire barrier. The CE expansion joint seal is UV resistant and typically requires significantly fewer splices than pre-compressed foam seals. When paired with the MetaBlock™ fire barrier, the CE expansion joint seal protects expansion joint openings by providing up to 2 hours of fire resistance.

Why choose the CE expansion joint seals with MetaBlock™ by Balco?

  • Economical
  • Easy to install
  • CE expansion joint seal ships in continuous lengths up to a maximum of 100 feet
  • Accommodates irregular substrates, such as brick and CMU

CE expansion joint seals with MetaBlock™ also features:

  • Joint sizes from 1” to 4”
  • Variable depth installations
  • Single side or double side installations
  • ±50% seismic movement
  • CE expansion joint seals provide water tight joints for exterior applications
  • CE expansion joint seals are available in all DOW 790 Colors

Balco UL® listings for CE expansion joint seals with MetaBlock™ are WW-D-1148 and WW-D-1173. Both have a fire rating of 2-hours.

CE-MediBlock UL Art-01CE-MediBlock UL Art-03CE-MediBlock UL Art-02