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Balco partition closure silicone seals are designed to fill the void left between partition walls and exterior facades, curtain walls and cladding in multi-story construction like hospitals, hotels and office buildings. The seals provide vital movement to allow the expansion, contraction and deflection of exterior surfaces like mullions and glass subject to weather conditions

Pedestrian loading:
The most severe live load requirements, excluding manufacturing facilities, per IBC Table 1607.1 are 150 psf uniform and 2000 lbs concentrated (applied to a 2.5’ x 2.5’ area). In order to represent loads applied to more finite expansion joint cover systems Balco, Inc. uses a vertical concentrated load of 300 lbs applied to a 2”-diameter circular area to represent small-wheeled cart traffic and high use pedestrian traffic. Maximum allowable loading deflection 1/8” for pedestrian comfort.

Parking loading:
Minimum vertical concentrated wheel load of 3000 lbs acting on a 4.5” x 4.5” area (reflects IBC table 1607.1 note A)

Heavy Duty Loading:
If you have specific load requirements for items like fork lifts, emergency vehicles, tractor trailers and hard wheeled industrial machines we require some basic information in order to make a specific product recommendation.

Load Information needed:

  • Joint size
  • Movement
  • Building type (ie. Hospital, Convention Center etc.) Equipment load specification
  • Floor finish infill in the product.

Testing standards ASTM-E1399, ASTM-E1966 and UL2079 all have the same requirements regarding the performance of movement joints. Reference Table 1, an excerpt from ASTM –E1399 documents. One cycle is the range of motion from an expansion joint nominal position to the fully expanded position to the fully compressed position and returning to the nominal positon. CPM means Cycles Per Minute.

CLASS Movement Min. Cycles Cycle Rates
I Thermal 500 1 cpm
II Wind Sway 500 10 cpm
III Seismic 100 30 cpm
IV Combined 400/100 10/30 cpm

BIM objects will be downloaded in all of the following formats.
RFA- Revit Object | RVT- Revit System | DWG and DXF- AutoCAD, Sketchup, | DGN- Bentley