Balco Inc


Expansion Joint Covers

Balco Expansion Joint Covers are designed to meet recognized building codes and test standards for performance. Our various designs accommodate building movement related to thermal, wind and seismic forces. We provide solutions for fire rating, water resistance and many other environmental factors.

Mats and Grids

Balco Entrance Mats and Grids are designed to improve the lifespan of interior flooring by removing and capturing dirt and water brought in by pedestrian traffic. Mats roll up for easy maintenance and grids lift out in a fixed unit for higher volume debris and water prone areas. We offer several finishes and designer patterns to enhance the aesthetics of your entryways.


Balco Stair Nosing products serve multiple purposes that improve the leading edge of stair treads. Our proprietary abrasive infill provides a long wearing slip resistant surface that retains its color and stays in-tact under deflection of heavy pedestrian loads. We have several designer colors that are integral throughout the abrasive material.

Illumitread Egress â„¢

Balco IllumiTreadâ„¢ is designed to provide an intuitive glow-in-the-dark marking system for emergency egress stairwells. These systems are charged by ambient light and emit the charge as a glow when lights are out. We provide markings for stair nosing, handrails, landings, obstruction markings, directional signage and floor identification. Our systems are non-electric and non-radioactive.

Trench and Access Covers

Balco Trench and Access Covers are designed to provide sub-floor access for utilities, plumbing, electrical, drainage and valves. Access covers are square units for single point accessibility and trench covers are linear and can be ran in multiple directions.

Partition Closers

Balco Partition Closures are designed to provide a flexible transition between windows and partition walls. These sytems are made of extruded silicone seals with hollow chambers that expand and contract allowing deflection of windows due to heat, wind and seismic movements. Installation is simple and only requires construction adhesive for mounting to partition wall sections. This system can be supplied with extruded aluminum accessories to provide multiple combinations of closure gap widths and attachment to all types of construction materials.