Ronnie Leonard Celebrates 7th Year With Fairy Godmothers

Ronnie Leonard

— “Women Helping Women” —

Balco CEO, Ronnie Leonard, is excited to enter her seventh year as a member of Fairy Godmothers, a nonprofit organization that provides educational funding to women with limited resources and immediate needs not met by traditional resources within the community.

Each month, members meet at a local restaurant to discuss community issues, collect funds and brainstorm new ways to support women in education.

“Fairy Godmothers is an amazing organization that does incredible things for deserving women in need,” said Ronnie, “women who might not otherwise qualify for funding under the traditional scholarship requirements.

Grants are awarded through the Wichita State University Foundation Fairy Godmothers Fund-210934. Awardees of the grants or scholarships must maintain a minimum 2.75 grade point average to remain eligible for the funds. Strong preference will be given to a female student who has demonstrated academic excellence and has a strong desire to make a significant future contribution to their community. Awards are made with regard to financial need.

Prior to becoming CEO in 2012, Ronnie spent nearly 17 years as the company’s CFO. She explained how the benefits of this organization go both ways.

“I was offered the position of CEO of Balco,” said Leonard. “Initially, I turned it down, but my fellow Fairy Godmothers encouraged me to take the position. I am incredibly appreciative of all the support the group offered.”

For more information about Fairy Godmothers, contact Ronnie at