The Ambitious Sower

Oklahoma University's The Sower Statue

The Sower statue — University of Oklahoma

This story of the ambitious sower can be found in many literary forms. It is commonly used in sales and motivational seminars. It can also be found in a letter/sketch from Vincent Van Gogh to his friend Emile Bernard.

At Balco, the story of the ambitious sower is used as a teaching tool for our sales and customer service representatives, as well as all new employees.

Key Takeaways:
(1)  The sower has good seed (i.e. an excellent product, message or service).
(2)  The sower is ambitious (i.e. disciplined, dedicated and determined).

The lesson:

The sower begins by spreading seed by the road. Some seeds fall by the wayside, so the birds swoop down and pick them up. The Sower is left with a choice… Chase the birds or continue sowing. They decide to not chase the birds as doing so may force the Sower to leave the field — ultimately distracting them from their original objective. This is similar to quoting to companies who bid everything without planning or following up, with the hope that something works. The sower understands that this distraction would produce little to no return for their effort, so they stay focused and continue sowing with ambition.

The Sower then spreads seed to an area where the soil is shallow. This area was not of their making. The seed takes root and grows, but on the first hot day, it withers and dies. This is like being in the middle of producing an order when the project is halted or cancelled. There’s nothing you can do. Just keep pushing on like the Sower who continues sowing despite setbacks.

Then the Sower spreads seed to a tilled area that is not fully prepared for planting. The plant takes root and grows, but after a short time the weeds come up and choke/kill the plants. This is difficult to watch. Weeds are the competition. We must know our competitors as well, if not better than we know ourselves. We must pay attention to the project to keep the competition out, even after we have the order, until our mission is complete and satisfactory.

Finally, the seeds fall on GOOD ground. This is very important because it teaches us that THEY ALWAYS DO if you are ambitious and keep sowing.

At Balco, we believe that learning from these experiences will help build a strong foundation and a lasting legacy. Stay focused on your objective, be aware of your position in the market, don’t worry about things out of your control, and continue to push forward even when times get tough. Do this and you too will build a lasting legacy.

Steve Cooper, Balco, Inc.
Copyright ® 2016

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